Enjoying Blot.im as a blogging platform.

Seriously considering Blot.im as my primary venue for long form writing and thoughts, while I will use Micro.blog for photo blogging, link blogging and simple idea sharing.

Just want to get the Web Mentions thing sorted first!


Web Mention Challenges

Still working on implementing A WebMention Endpoint for my Blot.im experimental blog.

Not sure what I am missing, but haven’t had any joy yet.


A quick test of a micro post from the Words by Des Paroz Blot.im site


A Test of Web Mentions on Blot

I’ve setup an experimental blog on Blot.im, which uses Markdown files in a Dropbox folder to construct a website1.

I really like the simplicity of Blot.im, and am tempted to switch over from Wordpress for my primary blog. The simplicity is wonderful, but the real advantage is that it is a truly indieweb experience—the content literally lives in my own folders, synced from whatever device I am working on.

There are actually just a couple things holding me back—support for things like Web Mentions and some of Colin Walker’s great plug ins!

Blot allows a balance of off-the-shelf simplicity, with the ability to create your own theme. Following a brief Twitter discussion with Blot’s creator and Kevin Marks, it seems that it might be possible to embed Web Mentions into the flow.

So this post is kind of being setup to give that a go!

We shall see.

  1. Kind of like several now defunct services, including Scriptogr.am, with one important difference—it is not a free service.


Apollo Robbins: The Art of Misdirection

Watched this TED Talk tonight from Apollo Robbins at TEDGlobal 2013.

Incredible demonstration of the art of misdirection.

Really worth a watch.

24/7/2017 Photo 24-7-17, 6 45 10 am