Mailbox’s all day outage…

Cult of Mac discusses the all-day outage by hit new iPhone email app provider Mailbox:

Now it’s important to remember that Mailbox is still in its infant stages, but today’s outage reveals the dark side of putting your faith in young cloud services.

I’d go a step further and say that it’s important to remember that this outage reveals the dark side of putting your faith in young free cloud services. I use Google Mail because of its functionality and flexibility, but I use the paid, Google Apps version1. When it’s a paid service, you are a customer, and have the right to complain.

I am excited to try Mailbox, and will make it my default mail client for at least a week to give it a try. I am about number 9,000 in the queue, so hopefully will get on soon. All the way, I have thought Mailbox’s phased approach was smart for such a service building scale, especially when it’s free.

From: Cult of Mac

  1. Update: For quite sometime now I have been a Fastmail user, and no longer use Google Apps.

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