Great review of the new Mailbox by Orchestra app

A very enthusiastic review of the new Mailbox app by Orchestra.

But Mailbox is worth waiting for. It belongs to a selective category of iOS apps that boast such a high-standard of excellence that they redefine the core experience of the service they are dedicated to on the iOS platform. Think of what Tweetbot did for Twitter, or Clear did for to-do lists, or Fantastical did for Calendars, or what Sparrow did for email on iOS before Mailbox came along to make it look old and hopeless.

Read the review. It sounds like Mailbox has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of iOS gestures, and to help you get to Inbox Zero nirvana on a regular basis. It seems to have some aspects of Sanebox baked into the app and its backend.

Mailbox sounds like an app worth waiting for. Which is what you have to do considering that although the app can be downloaded from the App Store now, you have to wait in a queue to be able to use it. Seems reasonable to manage the roll-out, especially since there is some backend processing to scale up for.

I’m intrigued enough that I’ll happily wait for it. Once I’ve got it, I’ll probably be less patient waiting for an iPad versional, if the app is as good as the hype!

From: Cult of Mac | Mailbox By Orchestra: The Best Email App We’ve Ever Used

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