Dave Powell’s ShootTokyo workflow

Dave Powell provides a great overview of the photo workflow he has adopted:

Workflow is a very important part of the photographic process. When I first got into Digital Photography I didn’t really understand what all the fuss about workflow was. Is this really that complicated of a topic? Well it can be. Things get messy quickly especially if you start shooting a lot and have 1,000s of files and don’t have a system for managing them. It also has a profound impact on how quickly you work. Everyone has their own flow that works for them. As with everything, there is no right or wrong, just simply find a workflow that works best for you and your needs. My approach is minimalist and simple as I am posting daily I need to be quick. Perhaps too simple for many but it works for me.

I tend towards a minimalistic workflow too, but it is important to have one. Suggest you click through and read up on Dave’s workflow — it is certainly a key part of how a seemingly very busy man has managed to shoot daily, publish a well read blog, and a terrific book.

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