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Nikon’s Future Mirrorless Line 18/7/2017
Testing Out Blogging on 15/7/2017
This is a test of a new automation from iOS taking a post from Drafts, exporting it to the Micro Thoughts category of my blog, & then copying it to my Blot. 15/7/2017
7 Benefits of Writing on your Own Blog (first) is better than Medium 12/7/2017
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Playing around with Plotagraph Pro. 27/8/2016
Operatic Sunrise 31/12/2014
The Lights Are On 28/12/2014
The Iron Throne in Sydney 23/12/2014
An awesome cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper by Samurai Guitarist. 23/12/2014
A great tip from David Chartier on easily removing location metadata in OSX Yosemite, using the Preview app. 23/12/2014
I’ve been keeping an eye on Mylio for some time, considering at as possible future replacement for Aperture. 12/12/2014
Long exposure photography 101 10/12/2014
Fans of the Sea 7/12/2014
MacSparky discusses the recent improvements in iCloud Drive sync: 5/12/2014
Panasonic 30mm macro lens for m43 1/12/2014
Rays of Light in Cairns 30/11/2014
LensBaby announces a new 5.8mm fisheye lens for M43 30/11/2014
Masterful story-telling in the first trailer for Star Trek: The Force Awakens 30/11/2014
5 tips for improving your photography 29/11/2014
Thomas Hawk’s tips for getting the most out of Ello 28/11/2014
An important sentiment worth contemplating for photographers, by Scott Bourne: 24/11/2014
Justin Minns provides great advice on what every landscape photographer needs in order to great shots. 23/11/2014
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Do You Make or Take Your Photos 22/11/2014
Ello to the future of social media? 21/11/2014
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No Diving, No Dogs, No Stairs 6/7/2014
My Feed Wrangler 12 Month Anniversary 2/7/2014
Links to Sunrise 30/6/2014
A morning at the Opera 22/6/2014
Pool of fire 15/6/2014
Vivid On The Rocks 9/6/2014
Feeding Time 1/6/2014
Cronulla Pool at Sunrise 25/5/2014
USS Bonhomme Richard at Garden Island 17/5/2014
Deckset on show 16/4/2014
Grant W Graves—The Guru Of Soggy Science 15/4/2014
XBCD on photos… 26/2/2014
Shark attack statistics and policy 17/1/2014
Early light 20/12/2013
By way of The Loop comes a fantastic horror scene set up at a coffee shop. 19/12/2013
Fires Near Me app featured on the App Store 23/10/2013 returns to Wordpress 22/10/2013
Warships 20/10/2013
Dekudekuru Split 16/10/2013
Dealing with a customer service disaster — the Nerdgap way 15/10/2013
Fastmail finds it Australian roots and updates Privacy Policy 3/10/2013
International Fleet Review in Sydney 30/9/2013
Security expert Bruce Schneier puts the importance of metadata into focus with a great analogy about how a private detective might collect info on someone for a client. 24/9/2013
Thoughts on the Apple iPhone events for September 2013 5/9/2013
Sanebox — sanity for your email 29/8/2013
Readkit 2.3 launches with streamlined sharing and a snazzy new icon 26/8/2013
Brief thoughts on ocean warming 7/8/2013
Evernote introduces 2 factor support (and more) 31/5/2013
Put your Mac to sleep from afar… 23/5/2013
Windows — the wrong platform for presentations 10/5/2013
Note Taking Symbology 23/4/2013
The De-Google-fying of my online life… 11/4/2013
Backing up — securing your files for the present and the future 8/4/2013
Concussion diagnosis: There’s an app for that 3/4/2013
Keeping Your Phone on Silent 30/3/2013
The point of paperless — eliminating paper-bourne clutter 29/3/2013
Ars Technica reports that Google has forced a new Swedish word out of the official lexicon: 27/3/2013
Apple’s two-step verification has a good security backup 25/3/2013
Marco Armant 22/3/2013
New MacSparky Field Guide for Markdown 21/3/2013
Discussing the post Debt by Aaron Mahnke, Eric Hess brings a real life perspective on the importance of building in room for friction in planning for projects and tasks in every aspect of “time management”, borrowing from his real world experience as a USN fighter pilot 19/3/2013
Google announces closure of Reader service 14/3/2013
Marco on the opportunity of Google Reader’s shut down 14/3/2013
Pixelmator teases the release of version 2.2 “Blueberry” 13/3/2013
Confidential data in the Evernote cloud 10/3/2013
Brooks Duncan reviews doo 6/3/2013
Evernote planning to roll out 2 factor authentication 6/3/2013
Day One for iOS gets a huge update with PDF export and more 5/3/2013
My iPad On The Go Setup 4/3/2013
Evernote’s password hack, and the security of your stuff in the cloud 3/3/2013
Is Google challenging Apple on human interface 2/3/2013
iPads of March 2013 1/3/2013
Michelle Mazur on the 12 Most Ridiculous Communication Myths to Stop Believing Now: 27/2/2013
Author Michelle Muto talks about Going Paperless 27/2/2013
Brave! 27/2/2013
The Firefox OS Pitch: Options 27/2/2013
App.Net goes free. Hopefully not into free-fall. 26/2/2013
Shifty Jelly on building for Android first 20/2/2013
Marco Armant on why reclining airplane seats should be banned 20/2/2013
Mailbox’s all day outage… 15/2/2013
Meet the world’s first cyborg 14/2/2013
Now it’s time to do the work 8/2/2013
Grant Graves redefines failure 8/2/2013
Great review of the new Mailbox by Orchestra app 8/2/2013
Presentation Zen - the approach you need when you don’t think you need it 8/2/2013
Leo Babauta provides 10 great habits for email mastery 7/2/2013
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On the Go and Around the Web 5/2/2013
The best weather app for Australians: Pocket Weather AU 5/2/2013
Getting Stuff Done Promotion on App Store — week 2 2/2/2013
The Launch of OmniFocus 2 2/2/2013
Brooks Duncan on the Term Paperless 31/1/2013
Shark Attacks or Encounters -The Importance of Words 31/1/2013
Scientists Invent a Microscopic Tractor Beam 29/1/2013
JJ Abrams to Direct the Next Star Wars 29/1/2013
Photographers Rights, Trey Ratcliff and the Sydney Morning Herald 24/1/2013
Shuri Castle 16/1/2013
Printing to Evernote 13/1/2013
The promise of citizen science 7/1/2013